Nikola Tesla Legacy: How His Inventions Changed the World (AC Power, Wireless & More)

Ten secret inventions of Nikola Tesla which have changed the world forever

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Nikola Tesla

Few characters in science history have around themselves the aura of a legend like the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

Those who know the story of Nikola Tesla know that any term used to describe his profession might seem reductive. Scientist, physicist, engineer, inventor, none of these words describe the sufficiency of the life of Nikola Tesla. Maybe genius only can minimally describe the life of this man.

A main actor of the electricity revolution, Tesla was the prototype of the mad genius. He invented the Tesla coil, whose impressive electrical discharges were the symbol of the mad scientist’s laboratory. He had at the same time superhuman mental abilities, which allowed him to elaborate in his mind complex electrical machines and build them without taking any notes.

Nikola Tesla was a visionary who changed the history of humanity with his inventions. No wonder, then, if there is a large community that considers the brilliant scientist a kind of divinity. Tesla is according to them the true father of an impressive amount of fundamental inventions like the transistor, the radio, the radar, the X-ray as well as the alternating current.

Nikola Tesla Sculpture in Belgrade
Nikola Tesla statue in Belgrade

Tesla’s vision was always ahead of his contemporaries; he imagined already two centuries ago, a world where people could communicate with radio waves, and illuminate cities without using wires. He was not afraid of innovation: for this aspect, Tesla will always be an indisputable example.

Below, you will find 10 of the thousands of inventions of Nikola Tesla, even if many of these are still not credited to him. Write in the comments at the bottom which one is your favourite.

1. AC Alternating Current

One of Tesla’s greatest inventions was his alternating current (AC) power system. Prior to Tesla’s invention of the alternating current (AC) power system, Thomas Edison had developed direct current (DC) as the primary technology for generating and transporting electricity. AC profoundly changed the way we could transmit electricity over long distances, as it allows for greater efficiencies by reducing power loss and enabling power transmission at higher voltages. This revolutionized the way we use electricity today, propelling us into the modern age of convenience and comfort.


2. Light

Of course, he did not invent the light, but he discovered how to channel it and made possible for example the creation of neon light. Tesla’s invention of the alternating current (AC) system of electricity, along with his patents for high-voltage transformers, enabled neon light to become widely available for commercial and industrial use. This was because AC electricity allowed for a much higher voltage than the direct current (DC) system that was used before.

This made it possible to create a much brighter, more efficient light than before. Additionally, Tesla’s high-voltage transformers made it possible to power the lights for much longer distances.

 3. X Rays

Tesla described the discovery of X-rays by a German physicist, Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. Intrigued and excited by this discovery, Tesla began to experiment with Roentgen’s work. He soon developed an electrical lamp that gave off an intense “radiant energy.” His invention allowed for the production of more powerful X-rays, which made it possible for doctors and scientists to get detailed images of internal organs and anatomy. As a result, physicians could diagnose and treat diseases much better than ever before.

4. Radio

Despite Guglielmo Marconi’s popular claim of inventing the radio, it was, in fact, Nikola Tesla who had first demonstrated a functioning version in 1893. Tesla patented this invention in 1897 and presented it to the public during a demonstration at his New York laboratory. This invention revolutionized communication, paving the way for television, mobile phones and today’s wireless internet. Tesla went on to dedicate himself to developing a remote control – a device working on similar principles as his radio inventions. The first two vessels that were guided by signals sent by remote control were launched simultaneously across two bodies of water – one boat at Madison Square Garden using terrestrial rays, and another boat in Uxbridge using invisible rays from wireless technology.

5. Remote Control

Although later developed during the two world wars, this is one of many revolutionary inventions made by Nikola Tesla. He demonstrated a radio-controlled boat that could move in any direction.  Even if today it might seem obvious, 100 years ago the idea to control the movements of any object by remote control was considered magic.

6. Electric Motor

His research and experiments led to the development of the AC motor, which later revolutionized the power industry. His work also laid the foundation for modern electrical engineering and the use of alternating current. Tesla’s inventions and research also helped to develop induction motors, polyphase systems, and single-phase alternating current motors. These technologies have become integral parts of the modern electrical grid.

7. Robotics

With the idea that all living things are driven by electrical impulses, Nikola Tesla put the basis for the creation of robotics.

8. Laser

Used in thousands of ways, the laser has revolutionized many fields, including surgery. Tesla also made significant contributions to the field of optics, including introducing the concept of optical resonance, which is an important concept in the development of lasers. He also developed an ancient form of holography, which was later used in the development of laser technology. Finally, Tesla was the first to suggest the use of lasers for medical applications, which later became a reality.

9. Wireless

Nikola Tesla is widely credited with being the first person to discover and develop the concept of wireless communication. While building his laboratory in Colorado Springs in 1899, Tesla conducted experiments in which he sent wireless electrical signals over a distance of 25 miles. He also constructed the first radio transmitter and receiver, which he used to transmit Morse code messages.

Tesla also built a large tower on Long Island, New York, that transmitted wireless energy. This tower, known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, was designed to provide free wireless energy to anyone who wanted it, an idea that was ahead of its time. Tesla’s work laid the groundwork for the advent of radio, television, cellular phones, and wireless internet.

10. Free energy

Nikola Tesla suggested the use of the earth’s energy to feed human activities, leading consequently to a world less dependent on fossil fuels and with fewer wars. A world where the energy might be free for everyone. This idea of free energy and freedom was presumably the cause of the marginalization that Nikola Tesla suffered.

Nikola Tesla death

With this page, we are trying to remember the genius of the geniuses, unfortunately, dead in solitude.

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